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KansasNaturalResourcePlanner/TallgrassHeartland (MapServer)

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Service Description: The Tallgrass Heartland is a region covering the "core" part of the Flint Hills in Kansas where additional wind farm development is discouraged. The region was delineated with lines that follow roads and county boundaries for easy interpretation and utilization. Heartland boundary by roads and County boundaries as delineated by Governor Brownback’s staff and a team of wildlife/Environmental advisors in Spring 2011Starting in SW corner of the region and working clock-wise:From the KS/OK border, U77 north from OK border to AugustaEast on U54 (hwy 400, 7thAve) North on Ohio StreetWest on K254N on river valley RdWest on Parallel StNorth on Diamond RdW on K196N on Meadowlark Rd/Old Mill Rd/Peabody RdW on 2ndN on SpruceE on 5thN on Prairie LawnE ON u50N ON U77/U56W on A ave/403 RdN on K 157W on Lions CreekN on Lions creekW on Lilly RdN on County line RdNo along County boundary across river valley Pick up County line Rd / County Boundary on N side of river, follow North to top of Riley CountyFollow County boundary/roads E across Riley and Pottawatomie CntySouth along Pottawatomie/Jackson county boundary E along U24S on U 75W on I70S (SW) on K4S on Carlson Rd/Wabaunsee County BndySW on I335E on U50 through emporiaE on I35 out of emporiaS on U75W on Junction U160 (in independence)S on U75 to OK borderW across KS/OK state line. The region was delineated with lines that follow roads and county boundaries for easy interpretation and utilization. d-map-for-wind-energy-policy/

Map Name: Kansas Tallgrass Heartland


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Layers: Description: The map was designed to depict potential wind resources and general areas of conservation sensitivity and is intended to provide general guidance for the siting of wind farms, transmission lines and other landscape-altering structures. The data here is an accumulation of data available from different organizations across the state and is presented here as an organized, assessable, and unbiased resource for people. This map, and the data contained therein, is for general planning purposes only. Any final decisions should be based on actual field investigation as well as a more thorough review and investigation of variables that could impact a proposed project

Copyright Text: Kansas Applied Remote Sensing Program / Kansas Biological Survey

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