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Layer: Riparian corridors (ID: 3)

Name: Riparian corridors

Display Field: state

Type: Feature Layer

Geometry Type: esriGeometryPolygon

Description: Wetland habitats were mapped using a 1 sq. mile hexagon and include data from managed wetland areas, playas, and NWI data.Riparian areas were mapped as percent of natural land cover within each 1 sq. mile hexagon along Kansas streams of Strahler order greater than 2.The Wetland and Riparian layers were ranked 1-6, lower scores representing higher conservation values. When the Wetland and Riparian layers were combined to create a single Wetland/Riparian layer, the minimum value between the two was used.The Wetland and Riparian habitats data layer was created by KDWPT and the Kansas Biological Survey as part of the WGA CHAT project. All categories have been created at a macroscale and are intended to help users site projects around crucial biological habitats independent of the regulatory requirements of development. Users should consult KDWPT personnel for a more detailed local assessment.The following is a description of the catagorical rules that define the 1-6 scores for Wetlands1. Known wetland area* OR >= 1 acre of Very High risk playas 2. Total of >= 32 acres of NWI OR 10 acres of High risk playas3. Total of >= 10 acres of NWI OR 10 acres of Moderate risk playas4. Total of >= 5 acres of NWI OR 5 acres of High or Moderate risk playas5. Total of >= 2 acres of NWI OR 2 acres of Moderate of low risk playas6. Known Wetland area less than 1 acre OR no known wetlands* A collection of point and polygon locations of known wetlandlocations collected from KDWPT, KS Biological Survey, KS NaturalHeritage Program, NRCS, Ducks Unlimited, and other sources. The following is a description of the catagorical rules that define the 1-6 scores for Riparian Areas1. Stahler >=2 AND greater than 90% natural vegetation** within a cell2. Stahler >=2 AND 75% - 90% natural vegetation within a cell3. Stahler >=2 AND 50% - 75% natural vegetation within a cell4. Stahler >=2 AND 50% - 25% natural vegetation within a cell5. Stahler >=2 and less than 25% natural vegetation within cell6. Strahler order 1 streams and upland headwater areas** Land cover data obtained from 2005 KS landcover map. Natural vegetation derived from the inverse of a Crop/Urban area calculation and represents warm and cool seaseon grasslands, woodlands, CRP, and wetlands.

Definition Expression: N/A

Copyright Text: Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism / Kansas Biological Survey

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MaxRecordCount: 1000

Supported Query Formats: JSON, AMF, geoJSON

Min Scale: 0

Max Scale: 0

Supports Advanced Queries: true

Supports Statistics: true

Has Labels: false

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Can Scale Symbols: false

Use Standardized Queries: true

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