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KansasUniversityFieldStation/MidlandQuadrangle (MapServer)

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Service Description: Data made available in this service include base layers of the Midland Quadrangle, Kansas, USGS 1:24,000-scale 7.5 Minute Topographic Map (section lines, hydrology, roads, soils, and 10 ft elevation contours) as well as data bounded by the Midland Quadrangle (e.g., historic early Government Land Office surveys circa 1850s). In addition, there are data specifically from the KSR Northern Tracts: 2-ft elevation contours, tract boundaries and designations, management unit designations, trails, landmarks, long-term research sites (Cross Reservoir, Fitch Natural History Reservation, Rockefeller Native Prairie, and the fragmentation project), data from a habitat restoration project (information on birds, mammals and vegetation), and data from specific research and monitoring projects (e.g., forest demography, western worm snake ecology, distribution of sericea lespedeza [an invasive species], and coarse-level habitat maps).

Map Name: Midland Quadrangle, Kansas


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Layers: Description: The University of Kansas Field Station (KUFS) is dedicated to field-based environmental research and education. KUFS is located within the transition zone (ecotone) between the eastern deciduous forest and tallgrass prairie biomes. Faculty, students, and others use the 3,400 acres of diverse native and managed habitats, experimental systems, support facilities, and longterm databases to undertake an outstanding array of scholarly activities. Environmental stewardship is a strong emphasis as high-quality natural areas are preserved for the future.

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