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Service Description: The Kansas County Databases of the U.S. Public Land Survey System (PLSS) provide, for each of the 105 counties in Kansas, high quality digital representations of basic Kansas land divisions originally established primarily between the years of 1854 and 1877. Individual county databases are derived from data contained in PLSS databases of the USGS 24K Digital Line Graph (DLG) series and the Kansas Cartographic Database (KCD) developed by the Kansas Geological Survey. All of the data is derived from USGS 7.5 minute quadrangles. Only minimal edge matching was performed between DLG databases. Features represented in the county databases include the basic point, line and area features established in the original Public Land Surveys of Kansas. These features are listed below as theme keywords. Currently lacking from this collection is a complete representation of Indian land boundaries surveyed in Kansas as part of the original PLSS while those Indian lands were still excluded from the public lands. The data from the KCD was captured using in-house software, GIMMAP (Geodata Interactive Management, Mapping and Production). Using Arc Macro Language (AML) files, DLG's for individual quadrangles covering each county were imported into Arc/Info using the 'dlgarc' command. The individual DLG's were then merged and cleaned to form the county databases. This procedure was only possible after the original USGS DLG's were reformatted to establish uniform numbers and sequences of attributes for all nodes, areas, and lines in the original USGS DLG's. Since the original PLSS grid for Kansas did not have complete coverage due to missing sections over the some rivers, military bases, and Indian reservations, the PLSS grid was modified by staff at the Kansas Applied remotes Sensing Program. Section lines were digitized through these voids and attributed with the appropriate township, range, and section numbers.

Map Name: Kansas Public Land Survey System


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Layers: Description: The Kansas County Databases of the U.S. Public Land Survey System were designed for use as part of the core database collection of the Kansas Geographic Information Systems Policy Board. A primary objective in the development of these databases was the development of consistent and conveniently formatted databases from which users could be easily select desired base map information.

Copyright Text: Kansas Biological Survey / Kansas Geological Survey

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